Gabrielle Roman

Gabrielle Roman, a white woman with brown hair smiling at the camera wearing a green shirt.

I am a writer, editor, proofreader, marketing specialist and aspiring amateur baker living in Overland Park, Kansas. In addition to trying new cookie recipes, I’ve spent the past ten years pursuing various creative paths that lead to interesting places. Only in the world of content creation can you start out as an English lit nerd and end up with expertise in veterinary medicine and electrical manufacturing!

In 2016, I graduated with my Master’s in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College. While there, I developed my skills in writing and copyediting and gained a full understanding of the print process. As a result, I am comfortable in InDesign and Photoshop. My proofreading skills range from Chicago Manual of Style to AP Style. (As you can imagine, this makes the Oxford comma a contentious piece of punctuation in my life!)

On this website, you can find writing samples from different publications I’ve worked on, digital and print projects I developed for Fetch dvm360 conference and the dvm360 media brands and work I’ve done with Milbank. Soon, I’m hoping to attach a blog where you can learn more about my personal style. Download my full resumé, if you’re interested!

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