Milbank heavy duty product campaign

To build content copy, I met with product experts to talk about what the heavy duty product line does and the benefits. Our audience always likes looking at specific products and information on spec sheets, so I wanted to include actual products they could look into. Using Phocas, our platform for sales reporting, I looked up the heavy duty meter sockets with the most sales in the prior 12 months. I then looked up each of these meter sockets to provide basic technical information about each one in our materials.

A selection of popular heavy duty products as they appear in the printed trifold.
A sampling of the most popular heavy duty products

In developing the print piece, the experts kept emphasizing that educating people on what the lever bypass is and why it is so beneficial, so we centered on writing out the benefits rather than focusing only on a list of specs.

The benefits section of the heavy duty trifold, highlighting increased safety and connectivity as well as wiring options.
The benefits to using a lever bypass.

The print piece became a trifold to give us more space than a simple folded brochure but without so much space that we would need to provide a great deal of detail. Again, our product experts thought the overview and basics were the most important takeaways and actual conversations could hone in on further detail.

A snapshot of some of the heavy duty campaign results: PDF downloads, organic traffic and page popularity.

The landing page serves to give the information in another format and is internally linked through several other pages on the site. In 2021, the heavy duty landing page is the 16th most visited page overall on the website and it has generated 717 downloads of the trifold PDF. Overall, the trifold has been downloaded more than 1,000 times in 2021.

Organic traffic to the heavy duty landing page has been building and is up 6.5% in the first four months of 2021 compared to the last four months of 2020.

Recently, the heavy duty page was updated to include links to specific product pages on the website. To save users the step of looking at products and then having to search themselves, I have been adding more product pages and search page results for users to click on. From two other landing pages on the Milbank website, I saw that 30% of visitors to the first landing page clicked on a specific product link and 13% of visitors to the second landing page clicked on a link. As a result, I added these kinds of links to the heavy duty page and will monitor results.

See below for how popular products are listed on the page and an overview of some of information those product pages provide:

How a few of the most popular heavy duty products are linked on the Milbank website.
An example of information on a product page using the U4801-XL-5T9 as an example.

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