Milbank newsroom development

The beginning

Gaining steam

In addition, I went through and updated SEO for the previous blog posts including writing metadata (titles, descriptions and keywords), updating headers, adding images to articles and including more internal linking and CTAs where applicable. I also added social share images to give posts on social media more impact.

Reviewing posts, I could see that views were increasing, but none of the articles had quite the impact that I wanted.

The big idea

A lever bypass product on the left and a meter main with disconnect on the right.
Technical people love technical topics

That did the trick! Newsroom views have increased substantially. In 2020, this section of the website had 6,580 pageviews, averaging 548 pageviews a month. In Q1 of 2021, the Newsroom generated 2,221 pageviews, an average of 740 views a month.

A time chart showing the growth in newsroom views from May 2020 through the end of April 2021.
How traffic to the newsroom section of the website has increased from May 2020 to the end of April 2021.

Organic traffic has increased significantly. Q4 2020 saw a 44% increase in organic traffic from the previous quarter. And Q1 2021 saw a 115% increase! So far, Q2 is on track to continue this growth.

This chart shows newsroom traffic from different channels and highlights organic traffic growth in March and April 2021.
Showing improvement in organic traffic through April 2021

My aim is to increase this to more than a 1,000 views a month in the next quarter, which I have already accomplished for April. This continued growth will help establish Milbank as an authority and educational source in the industry.

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