2019 email campaigns for Fetch dvm360 conference

In 2019, we decided to focus our email campaigns on three big messages: a regional focus, our excellent CE and how our conference supports women. You can see the work I did for a regional focus for the Baltimore show here. For the other two topics, I wrote a few different sets of copy on each theme that we could send out with different subject lines in between our messaging about price breaks and flash sales.

CE rules

Veterinary professionals want to know when they are attending a continuing education conference that they will be getting the serious, clinical information they need. We wanted our audience to know they would be getting great CE but could also have fun. Focusing too much on the fun makes the conference seem like it won’t get them the CE they need. Getting too serious, though, veers away from brand voice.

Year of the woman

A majority of veterinary professionals are women and recently women became the majority of veterinary practice owners. Some aspects of the industry are still very much male dominated. With the rebrand, we wanted our audience to know that we supported younger professionals and especially women and the unique challenges they encounter in the profession.

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