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At the end of 2019, Milbank decided to update its website and drive digital efforts. I was hired under that initiative, and as digital content specialist, one of my main roles is to work on developing the website to improve SEO and usability. One big drive we made in 2020 was to offer more information on the website, creating landing pages for different product lines to help users with their searches.

Working with a designer on the team, the marketing manager to pinpoint what pages to tackle first and product experts to help with the information on the pages, I developed pages for each aspect of the metering product line. This included researching and writing the product, writing metadata and alt-text for images, building up internal linking and updating our link naming practices. Ultimately, I helped create eight new landing pages on metering products and updated three existing pages to fit with style and SEO best practices.

Here is what the page currently looks like:

The Milbank metering page features multiple subcategories including single position sockets and meter breaker combination sockets.
Each subcategory of metering now has at least one internal link to a landing page that provides additional information

The metering section of the site continues to be the most commonly visited section each month after the homepage and the landing pages also generate a lot of traffic. Comparing Q1 2021 to Q1 2020 (before the additional landing pages were built), unique pageviews have increased 63%, organic traffic has increased 62.6% and average time spent on page as increased by 15 seconds.

Future plans for these pages include inserting prepopulated product searches so website visitors can more easily see the specific details of the products for the pages they are visiting and building out a few more pages for products that are popular in site search and search engines.

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